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  • Kamasan choose ZT-PRO for product testing

    KAMASAN Choose the ZT-PRO for product testing click here to find out more  HERE

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    Revolutionary New Attachment  EVA AttachmentTransforms your ZT-PRO (all models) into the ultimate machine for making long feeder and waggler hooklengths directly on to EVA spool.DEAN BARLOW ENDORSED

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    World's most advanced hooktying station Developed to create the perfect hooklength every time from 3" to 20ft Ties Spade end hair rigs, straight hooklengths and eyed hair rigs with ease. This system is quickly becoming a must have for professional and pleasure anglers alike, who wish to get the best results they can.

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    ZT - MULTI TOOL Features: Ties straight spade end, Spade end hair rigs and standard knotless knot hair rig hooklengths. 100% UK Manufactured and Assembled by Gizmo Angling Lasso Sizing tool for sizing your lasso knots before tying. Anodised Quality finished made from CNC Milled Aluminium and Brass

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    Convert your Lasso maker into handheld multitool with this little device/part. Made from Solid Brass in UK

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British Designed and Manufactured

Not a rehash of whats already out there, 87 parts make up the ZT-PRO, every component built to last a lifetime. Gizmo spent 3 years developing the ZT-Pro to ensure every last element works to help the user tie the perfect knot each and every time.

Gizmo Angling hand assembles and tests every hooktier from their custom designed workshop to ensure the customer recieves their product in perfect condition.