PRO Angler Testimonials

Since launching in September 2016 Gizmo Angling's ZT-PRO has taking the match fishing world by storm. With a customer list of the who's who of match fishing, find out what they really think.

DES SHIPP - England International 

"We'll what can I say about the gizmo hook tyer , I thought I was pretty good at tying hooks until I started using this fantastic machine. Every hook is perfectly tied whether your tying small hooks on light lines or large hooks on big diameter lines. Can't recommend this enough. The guy who designed this should be working for NASA!!!"

Andy Bennett - Multiple Matchman of year winner 

"Always used to tie all my hooklengths by hand, this was no good for my bad back. The ZT Pro is a godsend it ties the perfect knot everytime so easy to use, I cannot recommend it enough"

Andy May - Multiple Matchman of year winner and Fishomania champion

" I can honestly say I've never enjoyed tying hooklengths as much as what i do now. In between peppa pig and spongebob squarepants it's been a doddle and I can't recommend them highly enough."

Dean Barlow - England International

"You can tell when using the ZT-Pro the time effort and thought that has gone into making this incredible product, Creates the best hooklengths everytime, I'm blown away"

Michael Buchwalder - Ireland international

"I had pro-tie before its like going from Skoda to a Bentley!" "I don't like it, I Love it!!"

Mike Wilkinson - MW Floats (Considered by most as one of the worlds best pole Float Maker )

"Quicker, Accurate, No Line Twist"