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    DUE TO EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND Please allow 10 working days for delivery  World's most advanced hooktying station Developed to create the perfect hooklength every time from 3" to 20ft Ties Spade end hair rigs, straight hooklengths and eyed hair rigs with ease. This system is quickly becoming a must have for professional and pleasure anglers alike, who...

    £ 116.67
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    £ 25.00 Please Allow 10 Days For Delivery Due To High Demand

    ZT - MULTI TOOL Features: Ties straight spade end, Spade end hair rigs and standard knotless knot hair rig hooklengths. 100% UK Manufactured and Assembled by Gizmo Angling Lasso Sizing tool for sizing your lasso knots before tying. Anodised Quality finished made from CNC Milled Aluminium and Brass

    £ 25.00
    Please Allow 10 Days For Delivery Due To High Demand
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    please allow 14 days for delivery zero twist of the line when tying hooklengths. 100% UK made with the best materials.  Brand New ZT-LITE This is the baby brother of the ZT-PRO , features a brand new innovative magnetic drive system to ensure z This hooktying station is the must have tool for all serious anglers. Ties straight hooklengths and...

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    ALL NEW ZT Handheld hook tier for straight hooklengths only, utilizing the amazing Precision head as used on ZT-PRO Hooktying station. Quality finished in Anodised Aluminium and Brass materials, 100% made in UK with Pride. Features  Advanced Line trap system 80% pretightening of Whipping to ensure the very best knot is achieved Robust construction...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items